Shipping cost on wholesale gifts delivery

1- Common gift mailer box

3D packed (with product inside) –

40 pieces per carton / 27x51x45 cm / 14 kgs per carton (DHL calculation weight)

500 pcs totally  ->  13 cartons / 180 kgs  / 0.83 CBM (cal. as 1cbm)

Common style – be flated pack – 500 pcs: 13 cartons / 175 kgs / 0.73 cbm ( cal. as 1 cbm) –

2-  BIG gift mailer box
3D packed (with cube inside) – 40 pieces per carton / 500 pieces: 370 KGS (DHL calculation weight)

2D flat packed mailer boxes + cubes in separated cartons + spare mailer boxes – 300 kgs  totally for 500 pieces

Binoculars Gifts

The price range of binoculars is great,from $ 20.00 as toy level to $80 as consumer level,not to mention those DIY paper craft ones and the diamond level which costs $10000 for one.

Although the principle of the optical telescope is the same, but the light transmittance of the lens used, and the production process of the error of the lens and other details make the big gap in quality.


Manical keyboard as a gift

This gift gives an appearance of quality and solidity, the colors may be very beautiful. We adapt quickly enough to the keys to play, a little confusing when used to an ultra flat keyboard.

Like any very reactive mechanical keyboard, it makes a lot of noise. If the PC is in the living room no question of writing a memory even by gently touching the keys. If madam looks at the tv, expect to receive a remote control. It will take a very very understanding entourage …